20x25cm Volume + DVD + OST CD

An elegant, large-format volume to re-experience – kilometer by kilometer – the legendary tour around the world made by Tartarini e Monetti on their Ducati 175 through unreleased documents, letters and original photographs of that venture.

The volume also includes the documentary film “1 Mappa per 2” (1 Map for 2) on DVD and the restored, amazing 16mm footage shot during the tour, plus the OST CD from the film.


  • languages: Italian and English
  • publisher: Lullabit
  • year of edition: 2018
  • pages: 175


  • documentary film: 1 MAPPA PER 2
  • language: Italian
  • subtitles: English and Spanish
  • extras: 16mm RESTORED FOOTAGE


  • original score “1 MAPPA PER 2”



The great motorcycle 1957 tour by Tartarini e Monetti, recounted in the documentary FILM  “1 Mappa per 2” (1 Map for 2), makes us dream again, as vivid and adventurous as ever, in an edition that includes a photographic book with unreleased contents, the DVD and the audio CD. An incredible story of friendship and passion for motorcycles across 35 countries, 5 continents and 4 revolutions. “Road Map” is a cult object for real travel enthusiasts.

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“Road Map” is the multimedia edition celebrating the 60th anniversary of the comeback to Bologna of two of of the most famous and daring globe-trotters ever. This brand new italian-english volume gathers for the first time all the letters, telegrams, photographs taken by Giorgio Monetti e Leopoldo Tartarini during their 1957 travel around the world on two Ducati 175, along with  the documentary “1 Mappa per 2” (1 Map for 2) on DVD, and the OST CD from the film. That’s not all, though, as the DVD also includes 16mm footage shot by the two motorcyclists, restored for the occasion with the contribution of the Ducati Foundation: coloured images that takes us back to a lost  world where travelling was a chance to discover realities and cultures otherwise inaccessible.

The film “1 Mappa per 2” (1 Map for 2) enclosed with the book takes us back to that glorious venture through the voices of the two protagonists who, after 50 years, turn on their motorcycles once more and lead us – with a compelling humor – through hilarious anecdotes and moving memories. The two came back to the Ducati  factory on the 5th of September 1958: they had left on the 30th of September of the previous year with the challenging task of promoting the Ducati brand around the world, something never done before by a motorcycle company. Over 100.000 km of swamps, deserts, prisons, punch-ups, dirt roads, freighters, mountains, laughs, dramas, dust and flat tires across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, South America and North Africa.

The journey became so much more than a promotional venture: it was an intense, formative and absolute experience, full of unforeseen situations and dangers – also thanks to the multifaceted, sarcastic, brilliant personalities of the two protagonists: a popular motorcycle pilot and a brilliant Ducati engineer with an explorer’s spirit. Equipped with a basic equipment – two cardboard suitcases and a pocket world map, where an inch represented 3000 kilometers.

It’s a priceless item to everyone wishing to re-experience one of the most fascinating journeys in the history of motorcycling: an epic epistolary novel, now for the first time in a multimedia edition.