A 73-year-old motorcyclist with a troubled past, a young director, a 1939 Harley Davidson, a quixotic journey towards the heart of Asia and their own dreams.

Language Friulan and Italian

Subtitles Italian, English, German, Portuguese

Runtime 88 min

DVD Extra Contents trailer, King Cocco, Don’t know if we’ll come back, Gengis Cocco, The shepard, Riding in the steppe

Format PAL – Region-free. Notice: the dvd plays ON ANY DEVICE READING PAL format, regardless of the region or country.


After its Lisbon Motorcycle Film Festival world première, the long-awaited documentary by Stefano Giacomuzzi about the popular Cocco’s journey, is finally out! Its worldwide community of followers can now enjoy their amazing adventure on dvd with the special pre-order option. Shipping from July 5! Out in theatres from July 2!

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I’ve got to get there, dead or alive.“Cocco and Stefano, two unlikely friends united by one goal: to get to Samarkand, from the mountains in northeastern Italy. Cocco is an old biker with a troubled past who dreams of heading east on his ’39 Harley-Davidson. Stefano is a young director who wants to make a film about this adventure and his friend’s story. Amid the ups and downs of a quixotic journey, the challenge will prove greater than expected. Only friendship will see them through to their destinations.