Cafe Racers. Moto speciali e anime ribelli tra Italia e USA.


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20 among the best customizers in the world, 20 stories of passion, creativity and speed.

Language Italian

Publisher Giorgio Nada

Publishing year 2016

Format 14 x 22 hardback cover with dust jacket

Pages 200

Photos 70 black and white and color

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20 stories that draw a comparison between the American and Italian philosophies on motorcycling and specialmotorbikes, the first stemmed from a revival of a hipster and bikers culture, and the latter taking on a long tradition while bending to trends and fashion.

Italy and the USA, two very different philosophical approaches to motorcycles, especially regarding their customization. The true nature of this gap is enlighted through the stories, the mannerisms, tics and peculiarities of twenty among the most famous customizers in the world.

The authors, Fabio Cormio and Jeffrey Zani, picked them from all around the globe to bring into light their often unexpected stories and ventures in the unique world of Specials. These encounters reveal the portraits, often surreal, of authentic people who devoted themselves to their Cafe Racers. They’re stories of consuming passions, such as that of Kenny Cummings: “I think about speed all day long. I try and calculate the best trajectory even when walking from the kitchen to my living room,”.

Each chapter is introduced by an anecdote by the authors about the behind-the-scenes of the interviews, and each character is matched to a photo, to put a face on the names.