The influential American magazine Cycle World said about it: “The Best Bar in America captured the essence, purity and simplicity of travelling on a motorcycle”.

The Best Bar in America, winner of the Best of Festival prize at the 2013 Motorcycle Film Festival, is the American production whose arrive in Italy was preceded by a huge word-of-mouth.

Sanders is a travelling writer riding an old 1960 BMW R60/2 with a Velorex sidecar. He has the impossible mission of writing a guide to every single bar from Arizona to Montana.

During this drunk journey, his sidecar picks up the stories and lives of many characters he meets at bar counters or on the road: trigger-happy barmen, clumsy robbers, cheating wives, fanatic truck drivers, more or less supportive motorcyclists.

A tale about friendship and weird encounters, drunkenness and love, dusty roads, majestic American landscapes and bars where to feel at home, featuring much adventure, humour and some biker wisdom.

Following the footsteps of Hemingway, Jack Kerouac and the poet Jim Harrison (who also stars in a cameo), Sanders journeys through his ghosts towards a new authenticity.

A very low budget film with great style, shot and performed by a troupe of friends. Most of the budget was spent on gasoline and, above all, on the drinks consumed in the 64 bars visited along the 10.000 miles road of this journey.

Described as a classic road movie for the modern age, The Best Bar in America is the independent film that brought all motorcyclists together, and inspired all those who weren’t yet.